Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I love the idea of living in a Tiny Home, but I’ve heard they’re not legal to live in. Is that true?

A: Some are, some aren’t. The benefit of a Bayside Tiny Home is that all of our homes can be placed on a permanent foundation, making it a house- not a trailer. As all counties have different rules regarding dwellings, a bit of research is necessary to see if your Tiny House can be placed on a specific piece of land. While some locations have a minimum square footage requirement as well as other local ordinances, the fact that our homes do not have to stay on a trailer greatly increases the legality of the structure. We are happy to assist in any way we can when dealing with your local Planning and Zoning office.

Q: What is the life expectancy of a Bayside Tiny Home? Are these dwellings built to last?

A: We guarantee that these homes will last much longer than any other Tiny Homes on the market today. Why? We clad our homes in fiberglass, an ultra-strong material that acts as both a moisture barrier and a structural component. The fiberglass runs all around the home, creating a monolithic structure with no seams - virtually eliminating the possibility of leaks. The interior walls are made of a wood-epoxy composite material which provides structure and looks like any other flat, painted wall. Absolutely no drywall is used in our homes.

Q: Are your homes customizable?

A: Yes! Our team of skilled designers can design the perfect floor plan to suit your needs, as well as architectural features to give your home the style you are looking for. 

Q: How long does a Bayside Tiny Home take to complete?

A: Different sizes have different completion times, but we generally figure about 90 days at most from the date of the order to installation of your home. 

Q: After I buy my Bayside Tiny Home, what comes next? How does it get installed?

A: Every Bayside Tiny Home includes an integrated foundation and deck system which can be installed by our crew. Bayside Tiny Homes is a subsidiary of Bayside Construction Co., which is a class A contractor in VA. Once the foundation and deck have been installed, the Home is removed from the trailer and placed on the foundation. Electrical and plumbing are then connected and the house is ready to enjoy. Our team of friendly, helpful design professionals will assist you every step of the way.

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