Living in a Tiny Home doesn't mean you have to live on a trailer.


Bayside Tiny Homes are designed to be taken off the trailer and placed on a foundation.

Our homes are also building code compliant,  which means they are classified as a house, not an RV.


The Treehouse

The Treehouse combines our modular home building technique with our Tiny House models to create a unique, comfortable living space with ample room in the insulated garage below. 

The Mariner

The Mariner is designed for those who want to embrace a more nautical style in their home design. A curved roof, bead board ceilings, and arched architecture make The Mariner one of our favorite designs.

The Lil' Floater

Lil Floater.jpg

The Lil' Floater is the perfect weekend getaway for those who love the water. Ideal for marinas or private dock, the Floater is an affordable alternative to buying land on the water. Starting at only $40,000, you too can have "a place on the river".

The Bayside Cottage

The flagship design of Bayside Tiny Homes, The Bayside Cottage is completely shop-built and delivered to your site. At 12' wide, this home provides greater square footage than an 8' wide Tiny House.


The ECO is a more "traditional" Tiny Home design, which features a small living area, a kitchen, bath, and a lofted sleeping area. At only 8' wide, this model can easily stay on a trailer for those who want a mobile Tiny Home.

The Nautilus

Side View (Web).jpg

Designed for a family of four, The Nautilus is the ultimate waterfront getaway. The flagship of our floating homes designs, The Nautilus provides a comfortable way to enjoy your time at the river featuring full-sized sleeping areas, a master bedroom, and a fully equipped kitchen.

The Rambler

The Rambler is a great solution for those who already have a home and would like a spare bedroom, clubhouse, or man-cave without the hassle of remodeling. 

The Cove

The Cove is a hybrid design, joining the best aspects of The Mariner and The Treehouse to create a truly unique home. The curved roof and elevated living space come together  to form one of our most eye-catching designs yet.

Incomplete Shells 


Want us to do all the heavy lifting? Bayside Tiny Homes can build to any stage of completion. Let us build your pre-insulated, pre-wired shell. We'll take care of the exterior, you take care of the rest!



Bayside Tiny Homes is a subsidiary of Bayside Joinery Co., LLC. Over the past 15 years, we have been diligently crafting and perfecting the ChesLight, an octagonal, hurricane-resistant lighthouse-style home with an ultra-strong timber frame skeleton clad with our signature fiberglass-clad SIPs panels. We are Class - A Virginia contractors, allowing us not only to manufacture our home components at our shop in Mathews, VA but also to assemble them all over Virginia. For more information about our ChesLight home, please visit

When we first heard about the Tiny House movement, it quickly became apparent just how well our building methods would work with a Tiny Home. Exposed timber frames, coupled with our super-insulated SIPs panels, would birth a completely new and optimized way of building a house. Add to that the sleek fiberglass exterior and what you have is a home unlike any other out there, Tiny or otherwise. For more information about our unique building system, please visit our System page.

Possibly the greatest achievement of building with SIPs is the ability to move the home from a trailer to a permanent foundation. This means our homes can now be built to comply with building codes, therefore making them legal to live in. Ask anyone in the Tiny House community- this is a huge step forward. Local restrictions may still apply, but we are well versed in talking to local Planning and Zoning offices to determine the legality of your Tiny Home on your lot. 

All of our standard models can be modified to suit your needs. We can also create custom designs if you like, drawing from over 30 years' experience in home design. We pride ourselves in our ability to create our own custom interior woodwork, including exposed beams, custom trim, custom cabinets, and built-in furniture. 

For any questions about our building system or our homes, please contact us using the form below, or send any inquiries to We look forward to helping you build your dream Bayside Tiny Home. 

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